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Another one set in Britain


MC is young at beginning. Starts in pre WWII. Parents may be divorced or seperated. MC strikes out on own. Gets into electrical manufacturing (winding transformers?). Long timeline, several decades.


I remember reading it, if my memory serves me right his mother was a drunk or atleast was drunk most of the time. And i think i think he aprenticed to someone making winding coils for transistors and later creates a big company but concentrates on the research part and someone else runs the company for him. And as kid be used to fix radios and to travel to London to get the party he med det.

This part im less sure of, i think he had a relationship with someone living in a boarding house while working as an apprentice learning to make the coils. Also his parents before separating/divorsing lived by the sea he moved to London to apprentice.


That's the one. Now, does anyone remember an author or a title?



Finaly took me forever to remember the name


Thank you!

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