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Coming of age with whips


There's a story of a boy and the girl next door, best of friends take on to research sex and be each others first in everything and proceed to do that and as they progress eventually they get to kink and whips. During their dive they go to a store and get a moderate education and the boy ends up in time owning the woman who runs the shop and had taught him the ins and outs of whips.

The kids graduate HS and end up going off to college (I think Stanford but the school itself is never much of the story). They end up living on a maids house so to speak of an estate that tuns out to be owned by the "lost sub" of the buys Domme/slave from easier in the tale. He also uses whips as an exerciser workout etc.

This is a fairly long tale with lots of other details but that should be enough I hope to tickle a memory as to which one. I think it was once listed under the "Authors Favorites" list but alas it no longer is there and I can't seem to recall the author or story.

Thanks for looking folks

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awnlee jawking


The Benefits of Friends by Memory Heap?



Yep looks like that is the one... Good memory and thanks.


The Benefits of Friends is a story I wish I could read, but the review says there's swapping which is an absolute deal killer for me.

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