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Hi Folks,

There is a Sci-Fi story I recall from a few years ago that came to mind and I can't seem to refind. It's a space ship that crashes and is found on Earth by some young adults to become the core of a new crew. The original was either thrown back in time during a last battle or did a time jump to prevent humanities extinction. The ship is obviously equipped with an advanced AI etc. Suffice to say the re-crewed vessel rebuilds the fleet and goes out to do unto the enemy before they find earth. I recall that there are a series of hypergates that are created for long range transport and that the aliens themselves are cannablistic among other things.

It is not the Talosian Chronicles story by Ben Wilson but elements are similar. I recall similar elements by Monblade's Alderan chronicles but they don't fit either. It's also not the Dalahk series from David Weber either but again this type of story has elements from these.

Enough of it ring a bell for anyone?


Is it this one http://storiesonline.net/s/45641/genesis-project


Hmmm close but not quite the story I was thinking of. I do recall that the one I am trying to find did interface with some alien races and build shipyards away from earth.

I had forgotten about the Genesis Project story though I do recall reading it some. Thanks for pointing it out


Are you really sure it is not Talosian Chronicles by Ben Winston (aka Sir Winston)? It sure sounds like the first two books to me. The first book was Olympus followed by Raptor Squadron.




could it be " The New Federation Stories": by Monbade:




We have a winner... Finders Keepers by Shakes Peers2B was the story I was thinking of and couldn't find. Thanks for the help.

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