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There was a longer story, posted years ago that followed a yoing man from Texas as he went to Gettysburg College, moved home, had adventures, etc. . I think it was titled Jeb, as that was the character,s name. Ring any bells?


Update: i think the story was written by rougher63. Dies anyone have kniwledge if him?


rougher63 is in the authors section.

Replies:   samuelmichaels

I know, but only fir the one story, which is a good one.... I emailed him 4-5 years ago and I think he had cancer then. Wonder if he passed.



I think he also writes (wrote?) as Howie Randolph.


YEs! I forgot that. He had six or so stories about a character named Howie Randolph a white kid who became head of the Kiowas. The last time I read them, half were missing. odd. thx

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