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Space based story about a ship's captain saving a young royal


I'm looking for the name of a story I read a while back. It was about a captain of a spaceship that rescues a young woman who is royalty (I can't remember what level of royalty). The earth at the time is divided into two empires or nations. One is based in Brazil (her empire) and the other England. The woman's spaceship is attacked and there is a running battle and some other action that I can't remember too well. When the captain finally returns the woman to earth it's revealed that he is a prince of the other empire in England.

Now here's the kicker, I'm not sure if I read this story on this website or another one. Please help if you can.


i want to read that too sounds interesting.


me too


Is it this one?
"The Princess and the Captain"

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this is more time travel to save the royals on another planet/empire.



Hey, thanks for the reply. No, that's not the story I've been looking for. I actually found "The Princess and the Captain" and read it while trying to find the original story I was looking for.


I found the story I was looking for. It's "The Kidnapping of Princess Victoria" by Rod Ramsey. It's here on this site and it was a bit different than I thought but still pretty good. I'm not a premiere member so I can't use the search functions but I was able to find it using google and some advice that sejintenej posted in another topic post in the lost stories forum.

For those that don't want to look it up sejintenej's post reads, "I also "lose" stories I enjoyed and use that all-pervading G... search engine. Just insert a word or three that you remember from the story, leave a space and type site:storiesonline.net It might require a few alternate words but it works. I also use that concept for story classes such as doover".

I hope that can help someone else like it help me. Thanks for the replies.

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