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Looking for time travel sorry.


Hi, I'm looking for a time travel story, where the male protagonist travels to the recent past. He doesn't have memories of his own history and is living with a female psychologist who is helping him. He also has a part time job either at a bookstore or hardware store. I think the story is set in Canada. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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Life on Another Planet by Coaster2


This is it. Thanks daygecko. Although, I am amazed that you were able to find it based on the erroneous clues I gave.


You're welcome. I really enjoy Coaster2's stories plus I grew up in the Vancouver/lower mainland area so a lot of his stories stick in my mind.

Dominions Son


Hi, I'm looking for a time travel story

You're too early, it won't get here until last week.

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@Dominions Son

*grin* good one!

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