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man wakes up in a slime pit, becomes a wizard eventually


Looking for old magic based story. Man wakes up in a slime pit, becomes a wizard eventually. Of course he is trained by a beautiful woman and there is a wizard conflict and, of course he wins even more than he expected.

The Outsider


Not sure it is an exact match, but it reminds me of "Artifacts" by Net Wolf (now "Artifacts 1" by Eric Storm), which is found here.

Harold Wilson


The slime pit reminds me about a ring story. The ring stays with the wearer for some time, maybe a year, and then leads them to the next wearer. They have to climb naked into a mud pit when they get the ring. Don't remember the title, sadly.

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The Outsider

@Harold Wilson

That's Artifacts also, Harold. That's the first scene...

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@The Outsider

Thank you Harold and Outsider.

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