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Looking for Story on ASSTR


I'm wanting to find a romance story that I read years ago on ASSTR. It's about two school age kids (her being younger),that meet each other when their school bus breaks down in Winter. She is from an abusive home, he basically lives on his own, having been mostly abandoned by his father after the death of his mother.
The story is in two parts, with the first one being in his point of view and the second in hers. It runs from their initial meeting through their move to Arizona for his college and eventual marriage and birth of their child.
I cannot seem to find this story on ASSTR, given that their search engine is absolutely dreadful. Any help would be appreciated!

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Try "A Blossom Fell" by DAG123. If it's not the same one, it's well worth reading anyhow. http://storiesonline.net/s/52031/a-blossom-fell


Could be "The Watching Trilogy" by Alan Mathews, though as I recall the third part of the trilogy never appeared. A good read

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That's it!! Thanks....I've been trying to find that story for several months.

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Okay Alan Mathews has at least 2 stories available at Apache's Adult Story Page.


I am not sure how current they are however.

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Invid Fan


The only thing "new" is a revised version of book one. The intro to that, written in 2001, has him redoing book 2 before moving to the final part. I suspect he got lost in that, and real life.

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