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Going to college helps police find people senses their location


Helps police police women moves into his dorm room. He can sense people and triangulated to find them

Ernest Bywater

another one I know I ready. At one point there are three escaped criminals and he's helping to chase them down, they fly to various places, and the last is on the river fishing when they catch him. Couple of times some excess money found on site ends up in his gear after being put there by the feds. He sues som e of it to buy gear for the local cops.

Ernest Bywater

I think this is the story your want - Lucky Jim 2 - - I'm about to re-read to be sure.


edit to add - yep, that's the story you're after.

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@Ernest Bywater

Thanks that is the one.
I searched for hours and could not find it
Appreciate your very quick reply

Ernest Bywater

You're welcome. we aim to please, but sometimes our aim is a little off due to imbibing too many fuzzy making liquids making things blurry.

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