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story about sharing/swinging


there is this couple (i think they're not married) and the guy has this fantasy of having a threesome or at least the chance to sleep with another woman. his girlfriend picks her best friend and her respective boyfriend for that matter. too bad the guy gets nervous and pretty drunk at the event so he can't participate and is only able to watch from the couch. the girls start by making out and soon the other guy joins them. our narrator starts to second guess his fantasy while watching and passes out when the threesome goes into the bedroom. don't remember if there was a conclusion to this.
does anyone have an idea who the author of that story is or about the title?
i've been thinking and trying to remember for quite a while now and would be glad for any help.


The closest my memory comes is 'Spring Break' by HLD. Isn't an exact match but very close.



Alas, it's not the one I'm looking for. Maybe my memory turned to crap and it's all in my mind but there were definitely two couples and this is most probably false: the title or the description had a warning in them, something like be careful what you want/wish because it was the man's wanting which put him in the mess.
I remembered having read Battered but not broken by HLD though and will do it again now. So there is at least that. Thank you for the reply.

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