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Undercover Boss (junior level)


A young man is sent to work in one of the family-owned plants in an entry-level job, looking for reasons why that plant is not producing up to par. He gets help from a young woman co-worker who has noticed some odd things.


I think it is Hindsight book 4 by Smokendriver

Replies:   PotomacBob

Replies:   PotomacBob


Hindsight book 4 may fit what my query asked, but this is a story I remember reading, and I haven't read Hindsight book 4 yet, so it can't be what I remembered. Thank you very much for responding.

Replies:   Vlad_Inhaler


The first zellus link clearly matches your request.



I thought I had previously sent you a "thank you," but it didn't show up. My apologies for the delay, and thank you very much. Michaels Search is the story I was looking for.

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