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Second Try for This One


Back in 2011 during or just after Lazlo Zalezac posting Service Society (great story) I read a story with some similar threads. The mc was leaving his job, either fired, retired, or quit. As a comment on his dis-satisfaction with his employer he gave some managment people those miniature galvanized buckets filled with sand (commonly used as butt cans) and small toy hammers. Message: go pound sand. There were other humorous verbal and visual quips. Anyone? Anyone?



No but I'm going to keep checking in to see, it sounds fun.

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Ernest Bywater


No but I'm going to keep checking in to see, it sounds fun.






Capt. Zapp


Can you think of any more details at all? There are close to 3000 stories still available that posted in 2011 and over 1800 posted at the same time or after LZ's 'Service Society'.

I say 'still available' because I know that there have probably been many stories from that era that have been pulled from the site.



That's the Lump by artie
unfortunately, it has been removed from asstr. Here are link on the internet archive:


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Capt. Zapp


Awesome! Thanks


Thanks, Gauthier. I'm not sure if this was it or not. Some bit seemed familiar but mostly not. Maybe I read an earlier version or my memory combined it with something else. Still, I love most of Artie's work and it's a great story. Too bad he never finished it. It just cries out for more.

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