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do over, act Photography, company building


Hi Guys ( and Girls ;) )

im looking for a story i read a while back but i cant find it and i dont remember its name -_-

what i do remember:
- it was a do over story ( i think )
- the MC was into act Photography
- Parents where into Swinger Partys
- the Parents of the MC split early in the story ( father left )
- Mother was a Alcoholic / drug addict but mc helps her recover ( and there is some mother/son action )
- mc gets his Grandpa to invest in stocks
- Later on, after college, he Builds a Nation wide Parcel Service ( including a Network of Service Stations )

does anyone have some ideas ?
i think it was a Pretty long story but i just cant find it anymore ( or the storys description doesnt ring a bell -_- )


https://storiesonline.net/s/72152/hindsight-20-20-book-1 4 books to read


thats it, thanks :)

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