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Forgotten Story - Pheromone Ability?


I cannot remember what the title was but what I do remember of the story is:

*The protagonist has some ability, either pheromones or by touch that any female will become his. He tries to control the ability (successfully eventually I think). But does end up with multiple wives.

*It may start when he is in High School.

*A policewoman/FBI agent/secret agent goes to investigate the protagonist and his family, but on meeting the protagonist becomes affected by his ability. She does not stay with protagonist but marries someone else and stays close by.

*Ending: The protagonist and his closest wives sail off from their grown up family due to them not aging like normal humans (they are human) due to his abilities. They plan to leave by faking their death by 'lost at sea' or capsized boat.

Any help will be appreciated. It's driving me nuts!


Check out Lumpy's series about Caspian Grey.


I hope Lumpy is working on the next story in the series.

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I believe you are actually looking for "Cum Master" or "Clay Flesh" by Ivan The Terror on ASSTR.


I can't remember for sure off hand which one but they both involve a highschooler who uses an ability to get a great harem for themselves. One of them starts a cult which is investigated by the fbi who end up joining.

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Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it is not the story I am looking for.



Thanks for the suggestions, but neither are the story I am looking for.


Could it be Mark's Mutation perhaps ?


I have lost the current link for "Net Wolf" but here is a potential link to the story on an asstr directory: https://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Net_Wolf/Warmth_of_a_Touch/

It might be what you are looking for. It took me a while to remember it and also to find the story.


Is this the same story where they travel by train and stay at a nudist camp, where mc finds hidden gold. With the mc always complaining about not having a watch? Don't remember the ending or the title.

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No its a different story. Its one of Phil Brown's stories. I am not sure if its the first one or the second one. Here is his link and he has four stories in that series. (even if its not labeled as either a series or a universe)


To everyone that has provided feedback above, I have had a cursory look at your suggestions to find out if one is correct. Unfortunately none of them seem to be the story I am looking for.

Thank you for your suggestions anyways.

Maybe I included a bit too much information? The part that really stood out in my memory was the ending or the epilogue, where the protagonist and his wives sail off to fake their 'deaths' so they can start anew elsewhere, all due to them no longer able to hide their slower aging.

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