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Bradford Exiles and Dawnwalker series


I just discovered the Spearfish Lake/Dawnwalker and Bradford Exiles series. There is supposed to be at least 7 stories in the Dawnwalker series, but I could not even find it listed in universes. The Bradford Exiles is supposed to have at least 5 stories, but the page only shows 2. Am I missing something?

If not, Someone can not count.



He has not posted everything here, you need to go to http://www.spearfishlaketales.com/ .


thank you


Tucson is right but BTFH is two or three books behind SLT. New chapters are posted Sunday PM and Wednesday PM.

Wes had an operation last Friday and is still recuperating but the new posting is still going on.


I don't know which eight stories are missing.

Rocinante Book 1 of the Spearfish Lake Series

Absent Friend Book 5 of the Spearfish Lake Series

Dawnwalker Book 1 of the Dawnwalker Series

Andromeda Chained Book 6 of the Spearfish Lake Series

Magic Carpet Book 1 of the Bradford Exiles Series

Three From Bradford Three Short Novels From The Bradford Exiles

The others (Best Served Cold and Hickory Run complete and Rag Doll in progress on SLT) will presumably get posted on BtFH after the current one completes there.

ETA: Although BtFH reports 44 stories, there are actually only 43 listed

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