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Author name?


Anyone familiar with this author? She pulled her stories from asstr years ago. Flash stories and poems. This is the only one I archived and I have forgotten her name. I really like her style and would like to archive her other works and find out if she moved her stories to another site. Thanks.

Tim and Sara

The thick, beautiful cock dangled in front of me.

"Come on," I heard my mother say. "Suck him. Suck him."

I looked up at Tim, the way they'd taught me, and looked him in
his clear blue eyes. He smiled encouragingly. "Come on, little
girl," he said softly.

Little. I was twenty. But I'd been their plaything for a long

Mom moaned when I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him so
well. I was good, and I knew it: my fingers played with his
thick balls, stroked his hard shaft. Tim got so hard when I
sucked him.

The bed shook with mom's furious masturbation.

Somebody's cell-phone ringing jarred us all out of the weird
sexual haze.

"Fuck," mom said. She got up noisily, her slender naked body
weaving out towards the living room.

Tim released his grip on my hair, and I slid his cock out of my
mouth. His fingers stayed there, stroking, carressing. Over the
years we'd come to see each other strangely, almost like fellow
captives of my mom's passions. I kept my hand on his cock, slid
up his body. My nipples felt warm against his chest as we lay

We didn't talk. We just touched.

And something changed in the silence.

I kissed his neck. He stroked my hair with long, loving fingers.
He kissed the top of my head.

He was hard.

When you suck a man's cock so often, you get to feel when
something is... different.

This was an erection I'd never felt before. I looked up at him.
His blue eyes were sharp and clear and decided. He kissed me,
our first real kiss, and it was warm and open.

Mom was standing in the doorway, naked, her hands on her hips.
She looked powerful, as thin as she was, burning with that inner
need to control things that I'd come to fear as a child.

But underneath it, something was giving way.

"Well, fuck this," she said, poisonously sarcastic. "Look who's

Tim pulled me tight against him.

Mom didn't know what to say.

Tim did.

"Come here, cunt."

Mom was stunned. I saw the look on her face, balanced between
anger and shock. I looked away, closed my eyes, buried my face
in Tim's chest.

I felt the bed shake a little.

Tim was kissing my cheek, my hair. My hand was still on his
cock: I hadn't noticed. It belonged there. There was a
tenderness in the bedroom that had never been there before. Mom
was outside of it, trying to find a way in.

"Eat your daughter, cunt," he said firmly, softly. "And if she
doesn't come, you can just get out."

I felt her tongue on my pussy. I hadn't noticed that I was
incredibly wet.

Tim's fingers under my chin lifted my face to his. My eyes were

He kissed me, smiling.

"I'm never leaving you," he said. Mom's tongue was good. Her
finger was inside me.

I nodded to him. "I want you," I said. "I don't know how long
I've wanted you."

He kissed me again, and said, "Yes."

Mom cried and masturbated furiously as she watched her ex-lover
enter me for the first time.

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