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Weapon Maker


My memory is a little vague on this one. MC begins making swords and other metal work. Comes to the attention of beings from other realms both to make weapons and in conflict. Starts to gain power and becomes a force in his own right. Begins near current times. ISTR his work area is through a gate and outdoors in a wooded area. Again, I thought it was a Howard Faxon story but can't find it in his list.


It sounds like 'Never Give Up' by Howard Faxon.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


It sounds like 'Never Give Up' by Howard Faxon.

Sparky was right (even from his WayBack machine in 1953), it does sound like Howard Foxon. 'D


Thank you. That is indeed it. I read over the description 4 times but it was about a portion of the story that I didn't remember so I never twigged. Oh well!

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