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Dead Tree Book - racial 'color' defined

Capt. Zapp

I don't recall the name of the author nor the title of the book. I only remember one thing from it. There is a book the MC reads or wrote in which the various stereotypical racial colors are mentioned, usually a different one each time, but it goes something like 'white - actual coloring may range from pink to dark brown and should not be confused with them'. I know that is not how it was in the story, but it is as close as I can remember. I'm pretty sure I read it back in the 70s. Any help would be appreciated.


It's been ages since I've read it, so I don't recall if there was an in-universe book like that at all, but something about your description made me think of Race Against Time (1973) by Piers Anthony.

As I recall, the main character, a white teenaged boy, started noticing increasingly weird elements about the world around him and eventually discovered that it was all a constructed artificial reality intended as a breeding sanctuary for his race (whites). There were other such sanctuaries for other races, but humanity as a whole was fully racially integrated.

I recall some sort of explanatory scene near the end. It may certainly have included a description of the "races".

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Capt. Zapp


Race Against Time (1973) by Piers Anthony.

Although I read a lot of Piers Anthony, I don't believe this is the story I am looking for.

Additional details. If I am not mistaken, the descriptions were in a book or pamphlet the was reading. I am pretty sure there was time travel involved as well.

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