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Story about boy who got rich and women as he crossed America


He was a young boy found a guy about to rape a woman and killed him. The woman became his as well as the guys horses. He killed a few others and got their women and horses. Later his mother told him don't give your brothers any money if they ask for it.
That is about all I can remember. Just his whole family was moving across America before cars invented.

Ernest Bywater

I think this is the one you want



Yes!!! Thank you VERY much!!!


I know several stories that include "go west, accumulate a harem and get rich while doing so." Only Lucky Jim has the scene where the MC mom tells him to not give his brothers any money. The MC does rescue a woman from being raped but she stays with her husband (although the couple travel with the MC and his family.)


He has a follow on story, 'Lucky Jim II", about a direct descendant of the original Lucky Jim, and how he uses his luck. Just as improbable as the original story, but still a very good read. FantasyLover and I had some good discussions about some of the topics while I proofread both stories for him. I think the most surprising one to me was the fact that Japan was a major manufacturer and supplier of steel in the mid 1800s.



FantasyLover has another story, 'Escape From Lexington', that starts out with the MC stopping the rape of his sister, he then has to leave the area and winds up collecting a bunch of wives. He lives near Ft. Laramie in Wyoming, and helps many Mormons reach Salt Lake City. He them moves to California, and winds up building railroads all across the state and back East.


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