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Guy transported by aliens...


I'm trying to remember a story I started reading a ways back and I believe it is not yet finished. I can't find it among my lists so I am asking for some help.

Generally, guy is transported to another planet and sets up shop but the aliens have also brought over others and given them areas of the earth to do with what they want. Eventually one guy who alien watcher given him anything he wants begins taking over other areas with the help of his watcher. The main way to gain control of a certain area is that they send out missionaries who have a drug they inject to take over people and turn them into basically sex slaves.

I can't remember the name but I do remember the author had to stop writing because of health problems and if I am right him was prolific on the Google message board before this one.

I know I'll feel very stupid once the name of the story and it's author is revealed. Any help would be appreciated. I'd like to read that story again and maybe even get the author to update it.



Mike and Malok by mcguy101


See. Now I feel stupid.
It sure does stink in here from this weekend-long brain fart!


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