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Lifetime of stories in warehouse automation


A company specializing in warehouse picking/ package moving systems has a new manager. Some of the problems he faces are:

A client defeats safety systems and a worker gets decapitated

A repair tech slips on a highspeed belt and gets an ass cheek caught in a joint.

An installer is embezzling and when the hero gets close he steals the (expensive)tools an disappears.

An engineer ignores the "Don't flip Me" tag on an installation and fries the system, and singes a tech. He later tries to claim discrimination.

One of their earliest installations experienced a flood and they have to explain that the system is so old they can't repair it. Mud has covered the insides of the plant and sensors.

Their R&D department hasn't come up with anything new in years. The department head doesn't want to put in the effort.

Some of the workers complain about a coworker with BAD breath - it turns out to be cancer.

I think the hero's parent's are farmers - blueberries I think.

The author said that the story was inspired by many years in the automation industry. I remember enough that I should be able to find it but . . .


'Love and Hate' by LazLong. Good story, pity it's unfinished.

Replies:   limab


Thanks, I went right by it THREE times in my searches. Yes, I would love to see more, but . . .


I used 'Advanced Search' with several different sets of key words at the bottom of the form. One combo came up with more than 1,000 replies - skipped that. I originally thought it was by Morgan, but that wasn't it.


Good story! Thanks for pointing it out. At least for being inactive it ended at a reasonable stopping point. Sure would like to have seen more of it, though.

Replies:   Vlad_Inhaler


I would as well. The way I remember things, Lazlong pushed the story "Jed" right at the end and then effectively retired. There have been no signs of life since July 2015 and no reason now to believe he is still around. Some of his stories make it clear what his health issues were.


I think his story "The Fountain of Youth" may have been the first story I read on SOL. After spending most of 40 years in the motor control industry I especially related to "Love and Hate".

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