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Boy finds a spaceship


The spaceship is run by robots and he uses the shop to mine minarals in the solarsysteem

Cliff Dweller

Could be Star Dancer by Sir Winston. Redone as Olympus

Not sure his work is still available on SOL

Replies:   richardshagrin

@Cliff Dweller

Sir Winston

Some of Sir Winston's stories survive on the ASSTR site for Apache.

A Gift of Flight
Colonnade I: A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Soul Mates
The Apprentice Crisis
Winter Wonderland
The Apollo Effect
Eminent Domain

Ernest Bywater

Sir Winston pops up every now and then. He got kicked off Sol for not following the rules. He'd post half a good story and then send you to his own site to pay for the rest, a big no-no at Sol.

he has his own website at:


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