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Lost Story-FBI-Famous


Ok, this story came up as a story from the archives and while I was reading it my computer died and I have not been able to find it as I can not remember the title or Arthur. The last pert of the story I read was I young woman that worked at a holly wood studio, married an FBI agent, had an affair with John Wane. Was taken Hostage in her home, LAPD would not that her husband help. The husband, John Wayne, Ward Bond, saved her and killed the guy that held her hostage. That was the last chapter I read , It was a long story with a lot of chapters after the last one I read.

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Chech your browser history ctl-h. Every page gets saved to the history

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This might be the Author



my history after I replaced my computer was all gone. every story i ever read was like i never looked at it.

Ernest Bywater

If you're a premier member SoL has a built in history record of what you've read for you. If you're a free member the same system works for what you've read today. So if this happens again you can find it again that day by the SoL history list near the top left corner where it has your name and the number of stories read today. For premier members the same link, but it includes a longer list going back months.


The history only includes the current stories on SOL that you've read, so any stories that have been pulled will no longer be in your history.

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