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cold creek


has anyone heard from him ? he does not reply to emails !!!

it has been almost 5 years since his last blog. is he alright ?

has he given up writing ?

does he have somewhere else he puts his stories ?

any news would good !!!


I'll bet you could ask Lazeez nicely and he might be able to tell you if he still Cold Creek was at least logging in and reading other people's stories.

But I am almost at the point of believing that Cold Creek will never update the D-Man series ever again. Not to mention Stone Inc., ugh, now I'm depressed.

I guess the only way to get me out of my doldrums is for Cold Creek to surprise us all and update... both!

Replies:   AmigaClone

Cold Creek's last story update was 2014-12-22 17:34:57



I'll bet you could ask Lazeez nicely and he might be able to tell you

There has been times that's happened in the past :).


I think he wrote himself in to a corner. How much more can D-Man do? wasn't he Knighted by the queen and accepted a katana from the Yakuza? If i remember correctly the only thing he hasn't done is win the Stanley cup.


Lol, wasn't that why he started Stone Inc?


I know it's been a while since he posted or even replied to emails. Does anyone remember if he even DID reply to any emails?

Thanks and yes, I still think there is more that DMAN can do. I mean I never expected it to go to meeting the queen. So I know there are plenty of places for him to go, I am sure he has not jumped the shark as of yet. But even if he does have him in the vanguard of the war against an invading alien fleet attacking hockey stadiums around the world.

I'd still read it.


There are several unresolved tensions left. The retaliation by the former girl friends against his former employer, his future as a developer and roboticist, what he winds up doing with hockey, Emma, and of course his continued relationship with the royal family.

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