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Lost story (MC, secretary, maid)


A man works with a female colleague in a large firm, but they do not get along. A man is going to raise, but at the last moment they raise a woman, a conflict breaks out. The man uses hypnosis (or other MC) and forces her to give up the promotion and become his secretary, and later a maid.
read on asstr.org maybe


Is it possible that you're thinking of Silent Prayers by https://storiesonline.net/a/TRix ?

The details aren't precisely right, but there are similarities. After the first few pages, which provide the setup for the protagonist to become fabulously wealthy, he sells his company and takes a temporary position with the buyer to train their employees (this sort of thing is common in buyouts, it ensures a smoother transition). However, it turns out that his secretary is a flirt, a dominant, and cannot be fired, so he uses bondage and torture to break her to his will. She (and later her husband) become his house slave(s) for a time before he moves on to greener pastures and build his dream home.

The author is a bit tag happy, but be aware that he's serious about the ones for bdsm, incest, and pedo. The story includes sexual contact with girls under SOL's normal limit of 14. Overall, this is basically a bdsm harem story.

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