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Story: A Mouse Trap.


This story begins: "I watched the receding red lights as they reflected on the windows of the rundown apartment buildings lining each"
It is a fascinating story of super heroes and I liked it, only to find it was unfinished. Part of the story can be found here: (beware malware on this very dodgy site)
My question is: Where can I find the rest of the story?


A Google search on your quote only returns the noted link (not even any duplicate results), so if it exists, it's behind a paywall/regwall.

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Thanks for replying madnige,
I was hoping that there may have been some archive in say ASSTR (or some other place) where I might look. Perhaps there is a different method os searching, or a better search engine.
That's what I was hoping to find, because the story was there in 2012. it was on several sites in 2013, then only the scarey site now.

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Ernest Bywater


if it was ever on ASSTR it's still there in one of the archives, but you'll need to know the name or the author to find it on asstr - its search engine leaves a LOT to be desired.

If it was on ASS or ASSM you can probably find it on some newsgroup archive, but again, story or author name will be needed to effect and find.


It looks like it had been on Short Fiction UK, but seems not to be there now though. I don't know whether the author name there, teaka, is the true author or just who reposted it - they don't appear on ASSTR.

The original link given seems to have a few chapters in no particular order (I'm sure I saw 3 and 5), but to me it seems like a site of fragments to suck you in and get eyeballs on adverts - or malware (Adverts? Malware? What are they? Adblock, RequestPolcy, NoScript and a suspicious nature keep me safe)


Ernest - You can search ASSTR using Google. Just start or end the query with site:asstr.org. Only reults from ASSTR will (should) appear.. This works for most Websites. Probably because it has a pay area, results for SOL are unpredictable. Works fine on Lit.


The title of the story is "A Mouse Trap"


Some chapters seems to be here on the internet archive but not many I'm afraid. I did find out the author is named teaka.

For the record:

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6. Some of the later chapters are also there but there is a massive gap.

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