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do over time travel story old man wo invents machine to return to his younger self


In this story an old man invents a machine to return his mind to his younger self. He eventually meets another person who has done the same thing with a future version of his machine, only to go back into a distant ancestor in the hope of finding him. He discovered her because he used the phrase 'would you believe' before get smart sure on tv, and recognized her mandelbrot set pictures were also to early in time.

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Pretty sure it isn't Remix. The one he is referencing goes further back, IIRC.

The method used in the "do over" time travel also involved genetic factors as well. As it was possible to go back to a time before your own, you just needed to have some form of genetic match with them.

An additional plot item, if I recall correctly is the female time traveler, having come from a MUCH later time, had some tricks of her own. Such as having knowledge/information encoded into her genome which she had some means of using, and shares with him.

Edit: Which actually gives me an idea on "a workable plot device" for something I've been kicking around... Which probably won't go anywhere beyond the mental chew toy stage.

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That might be so, but Remix is the only story that I remember that contains a "mandelbrot" painting.




the only do-over with a mandelbrot painting and "would you beleive" is:

"reversion" by Varangian (and) Kellis aka Varkel


you may have to manually switch encoding to iso/windows/occidental instead of utf8.

Other do-over with mandelbrot paintings:
"Remix", "Antelope Freeway", "Beauty"

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"reversion" by Varangian (and) Kellis aka Varkel

You're correct, I completely forgot about this story.


It was reversion! Thanks so much


It seems that the asstr link, is suffering from bad codes, and is displaying "?-marks".
For a better reading experience try this link:


Or you can go here. exact copy of asstr with out havng to change udf8 settings for strange characters


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