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Lost Story ( Interracial )


Young Master white boy, young black slave girl, Old South, boy loves girl, girl loves boy, family doesn't know, boy leaves family taking girl with him and they go to Canada. They get married and both grow up gaining wealth and notoriety and become well known and liked in Canada. Children come along boy (man) tries to reconcile with family and is rejected in newspaper notices, etc,etc. They live happily ever after, original family does not!

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Jim S


Lubrican's "Flossie's Revenge" is very similar to this description but not exact.

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@Jim S

Na know that one is good but Flossie is a school teacher among a bunch of aholes in one local district. These leave the old south and he becomes involved with trains, she becomes a lady of mercy and help to the local people . Both become loved and rich in Canada. They never return to the south.

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