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Greenies? I lost it!


Another planet, green, lush, dangerous, the adults are afraid to go outside of the city, but the teenagers have forged a special relationship with the flora and fauna there.
The teens have bonded with animals from the jungle/forest, and perhaps I remember they developed a certain sense of danger/connection with the forest.
A teen boy is the main character, there is an "uncle" of some sort, a former marine, who lives outside the city.

I thought the story was names "greenies" or something like that, since I read it after reading Greenies, Accidental Martian, and other stories about Mars.

Does this jumbled description remind you of something? Searching hasn't brought me anywhere yet.

Replies:   sunseeker


I believe you are looking for Adventures of a Greenie by Vanessa Ravencroft. The planet was called Green Hell. She pulled all her stories from free sites.

UPDATE - You can still fnd this story here... https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3041873/1/1-Adventures-of-a-Greenie


Thank you so much! I was going bonkers from not finding anything remotely like what my memory insisted on. THNX!


You might want to check out KaHmnd stories sounds like some of his works

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