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Whatever happened to Michael Lindgren?


He of "A bettered Life" and "Fringe Benefits" fame. Beautiful story telling.
His last blog post here says he was back to working on "First Drafts", but that was in '09. His wordpress account has not been active since '07. He talked about being on the brink of publishing a SF novel - which I would love to read - but I have not been able to find any reference to it on the web; none of the Michael Lindgrens seem to match this one.

Does anyone have an idea?!? This is one author I'd love to read a lot more of.

Ernest Bywater

"A bettered Life"

Try sending him a message through the SoL message system. His stories haven't been hit with the archival, so that means he's logged on to SoL sometime in the last 5 years.


1. He is a published author.
2. I have mailed him a couple of times to ask if I should "out" him in this neck of the woods and never got a reply. If he ever responds, I'll act accordingly.

His "published" style is more like Fringe Benefits than ABL.


Shame. If I/we don't know what name he publishes under in the "Real World" (tm), then how can I/we buy his book(s).

I don't see why he'd want to keep it a secret. In fact, the way I took his blog entries, he kind of encouraged the idea that we'd buy them ...

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That is how I feel about it but I have sent him two mails - at least one of the addresses is definitely being advertised as current - and received no reply.


FYI, a few days ago Michael Lindgren showed up in the 'Up for Archival' page, indicating he hasn't logged in for 5 years and his stories will soon be premier-only.



It's not that hard to find his real name, or at least the pseudonym under which he publishes now. It just needs some google-fu to connect the dots, I guess.

I won't out him here the same as Vlad_Inhaler won't for the very same reasons, but lets just say that he didn't exactly go to great lengths to separate his SOL identity from his published name or pseudonym.

I didn't notice it at the time, but (by his own admission) he had put the book A Bettered Life on sale on Amazon (under the Kindle Unlimited program) just like he said he would in his last and only blog post here on SOL.

That was in late 2009 and since then he has released a number of apparently quite successful military-focused science fiction stories.

ABL apparently hasn't been available on Amazon for a number of years and I'm not very surprised about it. When a reader asked him about the book on his then author blog, he called it a "practice novel" and it also doesn't fit the target audience he has built over the years.

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I mailed him again via his current site after this thread started, even including the link to this thread. The fact that his stories are now up for archival is a clear indication that he did not follow the link.

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