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Lost baseball/sports story


I cant remember the name of the story about a baseball player that eats a lot of steak as a high protein diet and gets poisoned/sick from an opposing team tampering with his protein drinks. Think it also starts from high school.


Oh Boy
by Dual Writer


Replies:   PotomacBob  Dinsdale

Thanks ill give it a read to make sure. I dont remember it having some of those codes though lol.



I did not know the answer to Ghost's question. But if I had known, I would not have been able to include the stuff in red that means all a reader has to do is click on the link and it takes the reader to the story. Can you (or somebody) tell me how to do that?

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


The quickest and easiest way is to open the page for the story, highlight the URL, use 'ctrl' and 'c' to copy the URL, then open a reply to box and use 'ctrl' and 'v' to paste it into the reply.


You can also place your cursor over the link, right click, and select 'Copy Link Location'. That puts a copy of the link on your clipboard, to do with what you will. In this case, click the up/left arrow or the 'Reply to topic' link, position your cursor and right click and select paste. Instead of right clicking, you can also press 'Ctl-v' as Ernest said.

The right click menu also allows you to do things like open the link in a new tab, open the link in a new window, bookmark the link in your browser, or save the contents pointed to by the link wherever you select.


Junior great response time in 20 mins it is the story. And for everybody that sees this thread check out earnest bywater hes a top notch writer for the record.



I think it would be more helpful if you had used the storiesonline.net link rather than the storiesonline one. I'm assuming not everyone can use the second variation.


The regular SOL link is embedded.

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