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Am I going Senile Who is Ernest Edwards?



I am having major CRS. A name Ernest Edwards as an author is stuck in my mind. Any Ideas?

Have a good new year


Ernest Edwards was a nom de plume for Ernest Bywater. He has now amalgamated his stories under one author name.

Ernest Bywater

When I first placed the Clan Amir series with an Irish publisher before I put anything on SoL he wanted me to use a nom de plume to separate it from the other works of mine he had. Over the years I gave up keeping them apart, and about mid year I merge all the works under my real name of Ernest Bywater. I best post something on the blog about it - I thought I had.

Just checked, the old nom de plum still exists on SoL so that any saved links to stories will still have the URL to take people direct to the story, but because there are no stories showing for the name it doesn't show in the author list any more. The same is true for the stories I co-wrote with Cazna Rochester but didn't initially list as such until he pulled out of the net and insisted I take them over.


Thanks folks, that eases my mind now I know i don't have CRS, what were we talking about any way?

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