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Lost False Arrest Story


I can't remember where I read much of this story maybe two years ago.

Two college co-eds go to a bar. They are spotted by the bad guys. When they leave the bar, bogus but real looking cops arrest them on some trumped up charge. They are handcuffed and taken to a building where they are separated, forced to strip by a bogus female cop and submitted to a stripped body cavity search. Demands are placed on the one female that she is unwilling to do. She is left naked for an extended period of time in an unlighted and soundproof room until she begins to break down. A young and sympathetic man enters the room and she begins to be cooperative. Over time she is being trained as a sex slave to the mob for their private jollies. There are many women (and some men) previously abducted who are all being systematically trained as fully captive for life sex slaves. Some of the slaves are killed at the whim and to meet the jollies of the more depraved members of the mob. There are thoughts of escape.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? I would like to finish the story, if possible.

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