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MC can read minds


I read a story a long while ago where the main character could read minds. I dont remember much but the starting chapters had a scene where he was sitting in a class and he could hear all other students thinking how hot the teacher is. Also the teachrr notices the MC and thinks he is a creep for staring at her.
I really appretiate your help


Could it be 'What's All the Fuss About' by Barneyr? More details would be helpful.

Replies:   zeguy4u


Nope its not that sadly.
I am not sure but maybe the MC had a rival with same power who was his father but they did not live together.

Replies:   samuelmichaels


Maybe "They That Have Power" by Hermit (there are 3 stories in the series).

Replies:   zeguy4u


Yes it is thanks

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