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Lost Western (sort of)


Guy falls asleep camped on the side of the road and wakes in a Texas analog. He's a Ranger with a mechanical horse and a large sentient dog. I think there was at least a partial sequel.

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I know I've read this one! It's an older story, probably at least nine years old. For the life of me I can't remember the author or title, and my search skills have proven insufficient to the task.

The sentient dog is a member of a starfaring race, who is his liason, as I recollect it.


I believe that was 'Oh, Hell No!" by Terriblethom. Unfortunately, it is no longer on SOL. I don't know if I ever saw a reason why he removed it, but it's gone.

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Ernest Bywater

TT's Fine Stories blog has:

For those of you inquiring about OHN i am slowly working on it. I had it pulled because I would rather do that than leave a story hanging on until I come up with new ideas. I am working on it but it is going very slowly at present. I started The Escape to get my mind back into writing again. Hang in there it will show back up soon I hope. Oh and The Protector is on SOL and completed.

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@Ernest Bywater

TT's Fine Stories blog

March 21, 2013. Four and a half years ago. Sept 15, 2013 last post on SOL.
Doesn't look good. Hasn't been long enough for his stories to go premier if he hasn't loggged in since then.


e-mail him and see if he replies


The problem is with the change in author email, he will only see it if he logs in to SOL.

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I believe he gets an email telling him he has messages on SoL.


I read this story within the last 6 months, But can't remember where or if the author mentioned is the correct one.


I've read the same story. If i remember right it could be a aubie56 story.


Ok with Centaur advice I looked and found A damyankee in the wild west was the story I remembered. Not sure if it the right one since it a mechanical mule, and a sentient replicator but no dog. But the guy does pass out from falling and wake up in the past and is a cop but from out of state. Dude does go back in time with a replicator, now that would be a dream huh!


well i had to re-read Oh Hell No!
MC is not a ranger or cop.
MC is transported to a Wild west like world and given the name of a US marshal.
His horse was mechanical, however it had a energy based being inside of it.
the Dog in the story can teleport and seems to be a cross between a bear and a wolf. the Indians called it's species Medicine Bear.


Wish I had a copy, sounds like a good read.



He pulled it to work on it. He'll send it to you if you email him.

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