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UN Peacekeeping Force story


When I saw the title on the 'Soldier/mercenary/mission' entry, another story popped into my mind. I can't remember where I read it, but maybe one of you has read it and remembers.

Story is about a real UN Peacekeeping Force, one that has the will and authority do really get things done. Part of the story is a graduating class on a field trip and being told about how the Force came to morph into what it is now, from what it used to be. The other part is a flashback to the incident that was the turning point in that evolution. It involved a terrorist, hostages, an atomic bomb, a deadman switch tied to the heartbeat of the villain. Was a good story and I want to read it again if I can find it.

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I'm interested in this story too.


BTW, there is a series of novels by Robert MacLeod featuring the UN security agent Talos Cord.
I've 4 German translations, but don't know if the author wrote more than these five Talos Cord novels:
Lake of Fury, © 1966 by Bill Knox
Drum of Power, © 1964 by Bill Knox
Isle of Dragons, © 1967 by Bill Knox
Place of Mists, © 1969 by Bill Knox
Path of Ghosts, no german translation

Robert MacLeod is a pen name of William "Bill" Knox. The first 4 books above are listed in the German Wikipedia but not in the English version.


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