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Looking for Sci-fi story


I do not remember where I read the story. It is about a guy who rescues three girls from kidnapping and has to transport them across space to ones home planet. One of the girls is the daughter of someone high in the gov't.

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The only thing that comes to mind is The Witches of Karres by James Schmidt (sp?). It was reissued by Baen Books some years ago, it was one of the original Ace Specials. But it probably isn't it. The first part of it, covering rescuing three sisters who had been kidnapped and sold as slaves, and taking them to their home world (Karres), has been anthologized many times.


"Finder's Fee" by colt45. The story occurs on Mars, and at least one of the girls is from Earth. He rescues them but winds up owning them himself because Mars has no way for him to free them, and they don't want to be freed.




You are looking for *Privateer* by DaRat. Here is the link:



Privateer!!! That is the one. Thank you very much everyone. Have a great day!

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