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"took that which was not freely given"

The Demon Whisperer

Read a story where the MC made a comment most likely to a female stating that she "took that which was not freely given"

That's all i can remember from the story. any help?

Harold Wilson

Text search for exact match on "not freely given" finds several matches. Two of them contain something roughly appropriate:

Master Coyote - Changing the Future - Chapter 9

"But I'm not going to pressure you. When the time is right, we will move forward in our relationship - but it will have to be when you are ready. I'll not take anything that is not freely given, and I'll ask that you not give anything unless and until you are sure that you are ready to give it to me."

agrodavid - Seed - Germination II

"I don't take anyone the way that girl was taken Opel. That was rape, a man using violence to take what he wants. It wasn't even sex, it was anger and entitlement. I don't take something that is not freely given."

Note that there were other matches for the exact text, but none of them had the same "took/take" tie-in.

Also, note that I immediately thought of Robberhands' "The Black Rabbit" when I read your request, even though it didn't have a text match. That story is new and ongoing, so if you read it recently, that may be what you're looking for:

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