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Looking for a romantic story and it's driving me nuts not being able to find it


Looking for a story where wife dies in an accident man is best frends with his daughters best friends and parents and treats her like a daughter she comes back from prom and seduces him. he falls in love with her. daughters parents find out on the holiday I think they go on a holiday Together and share a hotel after she go's to his hotel room. he promises not to leave her. She proposed to him
not sure if it were I read it but and it's driving Me nuts. I have been trying to find this story for over 6 months and it could multiple chapters

Replies:   awnlee jawking

Sorry, but the best I can come up with are two tales with a similar plot - to ease the pain.


Its not them but they are a good read. Thank you trying to find it

awnlee jawking


All the words you've used in your description are very common. Can you remember eg character names? That would give SOL's search facilities something better to chew on.



I have not read it but Swim and Tango seems to fit.

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