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freeing a power and it stays with MC


I gone through a story where MC helps freeing a great power and it stays back with MC and grants whatever he want. He creates money, controls minds and create some fantasies of his choice... sound familier to any of you?

Replies:   John Demille
John Demille


My Reward by Azil fits the bill.

Replies:   burlarr

Thank you!


it's probably My reward by Azil but Anomaly by GoldenMage is in the same vein as well as Arthur's Reward by Robber Baron


@John Demille

My Reward by Azil fits the bill

Shucks, it is a premiere story

Replies:   zellus


Shucks, it is a premiere story

Yes, and for $6.99, you'll get Premier Service for 30 Days, and can read/download 3000 stories.....

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