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transformation into cat women husband wife


It was a story about a husband buying a cat costume / outfit in a mall, the wife putting it on and transforming into a catgirl / women.

Had customer service number to with problems.

Cannt remember the name of the story and its driving me nuts !

Replies:   JohnBobMead


It sounds like it could be a SRU (Spells R Us) story, except that the change is too innocuous, and the SRU Wizard would _never_ provide a customer service number, his trick is for his shop to vanish before you get a chance to complain. But just in case it is, here's a link to the FictionMania index page for SRU; 602 stories to date, it's a very popular universe. http://fictionmania.tv/searchdisplay/storycatdisplay.html?word=1025


Thank you for the link, while it doesnt contain the story im looking for .. it does have some others.

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