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Easy one


This ought to be an easy one. Story is about a guy that loaned his ex-wife money and when she didn't pay him back used her as a sex slave. He filmed everything he did to her. Her whole family got in on the action. It is by one of the better authors and I can almost see who. Thanks in advance

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Dominions Son


'Debt Collection' by Ernest Bywater


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@Dominions Son

My god, I _have_ read an Ernest Bywater story! I didn't think I had, but I'm positive I read this a while ago! The OPs description is spot on.

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Dominions Son


My god, I _have_ read an Ernest Bywater story!

Actually, I don't think Ernest is the original author.

It's listed as Copyright© 2007 by Cazna Rochester & Ernest Bywater.

There are a couple of deceased authors whose stories Earnest took over after they died by prior agreement between Ernest and the other author.

I believe Canza was one of those.

He originally maintained those stories under the other authors original pen name. He also had several pen names of his own.

Last year, or maybe it was the year before, he made the decision to consolidate all of his stories and the stories he took over for other authors under his primary pen name to simplify things for himself.

That may be why wcoyote1958 lost the story. I have it book marked through the site under the my library page you get with premium access. The under the hook links through SOL were all maintained when the stories were shifted from one pen-name to another.

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Cazna Rochester

His site is maintained on ASSTR. Cazna's Stories
CAZNA'S STORIES. WARNING - This site contains stories of an adult nature, and includes some graphic descriptions.

Ernest Bywater

@Dominions Son

Actually, I don't think Ernest is the original author.

I am and I'm not. Caz and I collaborated on the stories, he did most the sex scenes, and I did all the action scenes in his stories. Also, many of his stories were based on ideas I had when we discussed story plots.

When we started posting at SoL he had me do all of the Internet work for him, so I posted the stories. At that time I was trying to move away from writing heavy sex stories so I only listed him as the author. This was just after dpdotcom convinced me to use a pen name for the Clan Amir series because it had no sex scenes. Since then I was convinced me to accept more involvement and responsibility as he had to reduce his.

Anyway, the local cops think I wrote them under a pen name because I did all the on-line work.

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