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Fantasy Story


I only have a weak memory on this, I read it ages ago, and maybe the story was unfinished.

A young man (son of village chief or local blacksmith, IIRC) is the only one who can use a sword to successfully defend the village from raiders.




Thanks, but that was not the story I was looking for. I know that my description is vague, and I am very sorry for that, but there were no demons involved.


Replies:   pangor


Thanks, but no dragons, either. That guy defended his village against human invaders/barbarians, not monsters, demons, dragons, elves, whatever.

Nonetheless, tanks for the hints, at least the weavers world was new to me, so that's that.


Could be one of Argons - Bente the Collier or Joerg Isebrand or Pelle the Collier.

Replies:   Vlad_Inhaler


None of Argon's stories fit the parameters.

I have to ask - why is that particular character the only one who can use a sword? Is he the only one trained or is magic involved?

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