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A young man escaping the Gestapo, joining the German resistance WW2


I remember a story about a young man (Dutch?) who escaped capture by the Gestapo in WW2 then it tells of his adventures with the anti-Nazi resistance inside Germany and in Switzerland.

I thought the author was Von_in_your_mind but he assures me it wasn't him.

Any ideas, anyone?


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Threaded into the tapestry of the history of Europe, this story is about Resistance fighters. It begins when World War II began in The Netherlands when Gerard is on vacation with his aunt in Rotterdam. The blitzkrieg on Rotterdam and their escape to Amsterdam molds Gerard's psyche. When he is taken by the Germans to a concentration camp, he was a naive adolescent. The ever present danger matures him quickly. Rescued from the camp he experiences dangers that few endure.


The author has not visited SOL in over five years, so all three of his stories are Premier.

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That's the one. Thank you :)

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