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vikings time period.


looking for stories about vikings and the likes.

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and the likes



If your not adverse to buying Reed James on Amazon has a series called The Viking's Harem.


Dave Freer's "A Mankind Witch", Baen Books.
It's currently not available for purchase, but it's on at least one of the Baen-CDs: Baen13-TheBalticWarCD


Downloadable in 5 formats. Sorry no EPUB or Kindle, but Calibre converts Microsoft Reader's .lit files without problem.


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Has a .prc file, which Windows 10 IDed as a Kindle format, and it opened just fine in Kindle for PC. Agree that there is no ePub.

Also, Suramya hasn't updated his mirror since CD20 came out, so it doesn't have CDs 22,23, or 24; there was no CD21. http://baencd.thefifthimperium.com/ [Jiltanith], where he mirrored, has 22 & 23 as well. Suramya is still a good place to link to, as CDs 1-8 are no longer on Jiltanith. http://hell.pl/szymon/Baen/ has _all_ of the Baen Cds that were distributed with hardcovers [1-24]; Jiltanith has a couple that were purely promotional and distributed at cons, or so I gather, The Spider CD and the Project Gutenburg CD. http://dak180.dynalias.com/PHP/tracker/ has seed info for all the Baen CD Torrents, which are all the ones distributed with hardcovers, if you want to access them that way.

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