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That one with a human, an orc, and an elf


I read a story recent where a human male (late high school/early college) is transported to an alternate reality. Upon arrival he is attacked by a female orc that he beats and beds. Other aspects of the story is about surviving the orc's version of war training. The human's attempts to help the orcs and other races to survive an attempted slaughter by an evil force. Thanks for helping me find it.


Thanks. I looked at that story twice. Sometimes being forgetful sucks.

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No problem. I do that all the time. It's a great story. I hope he continues on with it.

Dominions Son

There's a similar story on SOL, Goblin's Rise by SatinSlip.


It's in progress and only two chapters posted so far.

The MC is older though, and was married on earth.

awnlee jawking

I'm enjoying a story in progress with a similar theme, although it hasn't been updated for a few months: Hunter's Prey by Cutlass.



I remember the story as well but not the title. I do remember that smoking marijuana increased the power of the MC'S spells.

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