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I'm trying to find a pair of stories I'm pretty sure are by Arthur C. Clarke, but may be by Asimov. [Isn't it strange that it always the full name Arthur C. Clarke, but it is usually just Asimov]
Anyway, there has been a wreck in space and there are only three survivors. They find a way to save themselves by punching a hole in a water tank and using the water turning into steam propel their piece of wreckage to safety.

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Ernest Bywater

Sounds like Asimov's short story Marooned off Vesta.

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@Ernest Bywater

You are right. After I made this entry I went through all my Asimov stories and found it. The companion story is 'Anniversary'. Both interesting short stories.

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Ernest Bywater


Hidden in various boxes around the house I have books with every scifi and mystery story Asimov ever wrote. I also remember most of the plots, but not all of them.

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@Ernest Bywater

I purchased every german translation of Asimov's books and stories, later US or GB paperback editions. Pre-Amazon this was expensive, little town book stores usually had no books in English.

There is one book written by Asimov I never finished reading. Over the years I tried it three or four times but always stopped. I think I only read the first third of "Dr. Schapirows Gehirn" (original title "Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain").

Edited a typo which changed the meaning
(typo: "three of four times", meant was "three or four times"). I read my posting three times, twice before sending and the third time immediadly after sending and I missed it every time!


Capt. Zapp


[Isn't it strange that it always the full name Arthur C. Clarke, but it is usually just Asimov]

Not really. Clarke (or Clark) is fairly common so the full name makes sure we know which you are referring to. Asimov isn't. Most people who are familiar with the genre (and even many who are not) recognize the name.

Had you said "...I'm pretty sure are by Clarke", may not have been obvious to some that you were referring to Arthur C.

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@Capt. Zapp


For completeness, his first name is Isaac. One of his famous quotes is "People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do."

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