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Looking for a story that,as I recall, had a man go back to inhabit the body of a boy who killed himself with a hair dryer in the tub. The boy had heard his parents talking about financial difficulties on their farm and thought he was in some way to blame?

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I read it. I'm drawing a blank. It's in my library...


Yeah I remember it it had to do with multiple realities and eventually he was able to time killing himself so that more and more of his alternates joined him. They had problems with the feds and he killed himself out of that reality and joined another where he wasready for them his sister was into horses they had a big house with underground facilities and guards. Damned if I can remember the name though

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I believe you are looking for Deja Vu Ascendency by AscendingAuthor.


The OP is not looking for DejaVu Ascendancy, that doesn't have a hairdryer in the tub and has nothing to do with a farm (DVA: slit wrists in tub, town of Corvallis OR), but it is what chipum2 is describing.

I've only the vaugest of recollections of a story of farm financial problems, and can't even be sure it was a do-over, so I'll have to pass on that one...


As i recall the kid either did or did not want to be called "Chance", refused to go out 4 football until he realized it was away to connect w/ his father, and the angel of death called him Gabriel.

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I didn't remember his death in the bathtub, but this i do. It's 'Traveller' by Bastion Grammar Jr.


Perfect thanks. It's unfortunate that it appears to be incomplete something I had forgotten about.

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