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I think its a British story


Its about a man who lives in the country by him self after he finds his wife having a affair. I believe he becomes a hermit and has traveled and lived life as a monk or something along the lines.


If it's the one I'm thinking of, he goes to a monastery as a lay person for a period of seclusion. Don't remember enough of the other details to do a search.

Harold Wilson

I think "Loose Cannons" by Lazlo Zalezac had that as a secondary story.

It is only mentioned once, as part of the wrap up, so not the story in question


I remember more to the story. One day a woman shows up lost and asks for his help and they start a relationship together only to find out that her ex is the same guy who stole his wife

Ernest Bywater

check if this it it


Yes ! This is the story thank you

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