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Looking for three lost stories.


First one is abour a guy who slept with a girl and ran away cause he feared that the cops would come after him. He ends up getting into a door to door selling business.(I think)

Second one(don't know if I saw it here or one a different site) About a guy whose girl friend breaks up with him because he is poor(I think) but he's actually wealthy due to investments but hid it from her. He starts dating the schools ice queen.

Third one(I definitely read this on a different site but I can't remember the site) about a sister taking up a modeling job and her brother has to drive her there. He ends up joining her in some shoots and they get into the more playboy type of shoots. They have a sexual encounter behind a screen.

Thanks in advance :)

Replies:   madnige


Third I think is one of Lubrican's, After School Job


I think the second one may be 'A Step Up' by Isilverlyn.

It's a shame it was never finished.

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